Monday 18 July 2011

Hack Orkut : Orkut Hacking Software

“Orkut Hacking Software package”
This is the keyword, and eventually by means of google or yahoo and so on and so on, you arrive to this write-up, Correct ?
Naturally, everybody research softwares, so that they can hack orkut account of victim (everyone,from a 3rd person to even your spouse or husband). That is why or say is 1 of the most searched expression on web. Just for curiosity, When I research for “Orkut Hacking Software”,Google shown 580,000 benefits, hmmmmmmmm. And when i research for “Orkut password hacking software program”, Google displayed 211,000 outcomes
And there are millions of this kind of foolish points are even now current on net. Most of Orkut Hacking Software  are claiming that they can hack Orkut database.friendz, I am producing this post to inform that there This does not means you can not hack orkut of everyone. Yes, you can. You can hack orkut account anyone but without “Orkut Hacking Computer software” or “Orkut Password Hacking Software program” or such boolish items. I know that how to hack orkut account (yes, it is about hacking orkut account and not orkut) and I will clarify but very first i will clarify how these foolish points i.e. Orkut Hacking Software package and Password Hacking Software functions.
Orkut Hacking Sofware : Actuality :
As everyone do, I downloaded a so named “Orkut Hacking Computer software” and put in it on my machine. When I run ” ***** Orkut Hacking Computer software”, a window shown asking me following things : one) My Orkut Username
two) Password for a so known as “Orkut Hacking Software program”
3) and Victim’s Orkut Username.
Friendz, Mindful!!!! When you are typing password for so named “Orkut Hacking Computer software”, you may possibly type same password as your orkut account.(Certainly, atleast 10% individuals do this). Instead of “Hacking Orkut Account of Victim”, you are got hacked by “Orkut Hacking Software”().
In yet another instance, When I set up a trial model of “Orkut Hacking Software package” and operate it, it asked me just victim’s Orkut Username(I imagined it is not)