Friday 21 October 2011

backtrack5 on virtual machine Tutorial to install

You can install backtrack 5 on your system in many ways. You can install it on your system as primary OS. You can also install it as virtual machine on your windows and you can also install it as dual with some other operating system as windows.
The best way as a learner is to use backtrack as a virtual machine on your system. In this way you can use it easily with your windows.

In this tutorial i will show you how to setup backtrack as a virtual machine on your system.

First of all download the backtrack5 from the website

Then download VMware workstation

Install VMware workstation on your system and create a new Virtual machine.

select custom (advanced)

Choose the Virtual Machine Hardware Compatibility.
Just click on Next for defaults.
Now select the installer disk image and browse the backtrack image.

Now it will ask the guest operating system. Select Linux, then choose Other Linux 2.6.x kernel as the version.
Give a name to your virtual machine 
In memroy config, set the memory for your virtual machine. i will recommend 512 MB.
In network type choose NAT
Then Select SCSI adapter type and Choose LSI Logic
Set Maximum disk size.
I recommend you to select 10GB or above
Choose Store virutal disk as a single file.
Specify disk file and Just click next.

Now backtrack should be loading and booting

After loading type startex to go to GUI mode.

Now run install backtrack.