Friday 21 October 2011

Hack Windows Admin Password PClogin 
Download the PC Login Now software and burn the ISO file to a CD.
Insert the PC Login Now disc into your CD/DVD/BD drive and then restart your computer. After the initial startup of your computer and loading of Linux is complete, click next to continue.
Now process is to Select the SYSTEMSelect it and click next
Next, it lists all local Windows accounts in the system. Select the account you want to reset the password. Then, check on “password is empty” and click next.
is Administrator: if the account has the administrator privilege and rights.
password is empty: if the password of the account is empty or blank.
is disable: if the account has been disable due to the operation of administrator or the system rules.
is lockout: if the account has been locked due security breach such as too many unsuccessful login attempt.
password never expire: if the account has to set password on a specific expiry date or the password will expire after a set period.
It asks you if you want to reset another user. Select No.
6  How to Hack Windows Admin Password
Click OK to reboot the system