Thursday 20 October 2011

CogniCard – The Online Business Card Scanner for your BlackBerry

Wouldn’t it be great if you could use your BlackBerry, your webcam or your digital camera to capture information from your business cards and store this in a database so that you can manage them more easy?

There are business cards readers out there but why in the world would you spend 200 USD or more on such a device when we are all surrounded by cameras (digital cameras, webcams, smartphones)?
CogniCard allows you to capture contact information from business cards and stores it online so you can manage your contacts easily.
CogniCard works in three easy steps:

  1. You can send a business card to CogniCard either through email to your personal CogniCard email address (you get an email address once you sign up) or you can use your webcam to upload a business card to the site.
  2. CogniCard uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and a human-quality check to capture information from your business card.
  3. Your address will then be sent to your device again and you can import the address into your address book.
This approach has several benefits:
  1. Upload through multiple channels (BlackBerry, Webcam, File Upload)
  2. Convenient management of your business cards and safe backup of all your data
  3. Cost-efficient because you only pay what you need instead of spending several hundred dollars on a hardware device.
If you are looking for time efficient way to digitize your business cards then CogniCard might be the right product for you. The best is if you try CogniCard with the free trial and see how convenient it is to use this approach instead of manually capturing the information.

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