Tuesday 18 October 2011

Stop multiple application at a time - Software

These days many of us have developed a habit of working with multiple application most of the time. Those related with designing or video editing experience this a lot. However; apart from those; also; the even web surfers or data editors also have so many application opened in the background.
Now imaging a situation you are working with multiple applications running in the background which has caused a system hangs now in such a situation; what you would do? Many of us will say; they would open the task manager and from the running process kill the application causing the problem. I too; do the same way; but once I came across the application called close many; I found it is so easy to locate a program or multiple programs and close them simultaneously.
Closemany is a very small program consumes only a negligible  amount of system resources… but is very useful… for every computer user.
To have this facility you only need to download this application from the link given below and run it. This is just like a portable application which doesn’t require any installation.
Download CloseMany