Thursday 27 October 2011

Increase Website Traffic to 10000 - 20000 Unique Visitor Per Day - Tutorial

Increase Website Traffic to 10000 - 20000 Unique Visitor Per Day
This method is a great method to increase Alexa ranking, and/or fake traffic stats on your website.  You can do this with practically any website, increase it’s traffic from 10,000 to up to 20,000 unique views per day.  Yes, I said it … per day.  Amazing isn’t it? I posted this on Ethical Hacking Tutorial. Before using this software, I would recommend using it on a Virtual Machine, like VMware because of the amount of malware it contains.  Other than that, enjoy your FREE 10k-20k unique visitors a day!

Some pre-requisites before submitting your website:
1) No porn content
2) Website content has to be less than 100kb (provided url page content has to be less than 100kb)
It’s in chinese, so I have provided some screenshots to help you guys out. So here it is, it’s a nice and simple trick that anyone can do :

Step By Step
1) Visit (it’s a chinese traffic source) and signup

2) Enter provided information

3) Click on Download software link

4) Download the software

5) Run the VVisit sotware

6) Enter username, password, click login, and tick the checkbox and minimize to your taskbar

7) Keep the VVisit running on your toolbar

8 ) Login in Back

9. Click on the website information screen, enter URL to receive hits to, and referral links

Now for step 9, your referrals can also be google search results. Let’s say you want to rank for the keywords “increase alexa rank”, and “free traffic”.

You would then type in on google “ethical hacking tutorial” and you would find something like this
This will be your referral url. Your traffic logs will say that you’re getting hits from this search term on google (make sure that your website is indexed for this search term as well).

That’s about it fellas! Enjoy this guide, and remember to always think outside the box. You can do many things with this traffic source, resell it, boost up your alexa rankings, sell your sitepoint sites, etc …
Use multiple PCs with the same login, or multiple PCs with different logins. The sky’s the limit. Build a fake traffic source empire with this, create a similar website. Like Harro said on his traffic thread, one of the best traffic sources are traffic exchanges.

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