Sunday 23 October 2011

History of Mobile Phones from 1946 to 2011

Mobile phones in 1946 – may sound like a weird and false statement to many. Most of us only believe the fact that history of mobile phone industry is only around 15-20 years old. Today, we use mobile to make and receive calls, sending text SMS messages, MMS, browsing internet, clicking pictures, playing games and what not. But how many of us would ever believe that first ever call from a mobile was made a way back in 1946. However, that mobile model was very impractical and hence actual first ever call from an actual portable practical mobile handset was made only in 1973 with the first ever SMS text message sent in 1992. If we really look at evolution and timeline of mobile phones from the beginning in 1946 to till date, then one could realize the great advancements these mobiles have made not in terms of technology but also in terms of usage, size, weight and some excellent add-on, features and apps. There are many more firsts that got added to mobile’s progression over this period of time. Today, most of us can relate to terms like smart phones, iPhones but way back in past, these terms were only sounded like related to some Sci-Fi movie  only. What started with a mere cellular phone has reached to a stage where we today call as a, iPhone or Smart phone.
The whole journey of mobile phones has been depicted very nicely in the Infographic form by Infographic Labs in collaboration with Vodafone Australia. Check out the inforgraphic below.