Saturday 22 October 2011

Fix Error 3200 while updating to iOS 5 Apple Products

you can do it in some simple steps. Just Follow these steps for Apple iOS 5 Updating. Apple has recently launched the beta version of Apple iOS 5 which is turning out to be revolutionary. Apple iOS 5 is far better than its predecessors and hence many people tried to upgrade their iOS to iOS 5 but not all of them succeeded. Many of them got the error 3200 which states “an internal error occurred”.
This error 3200 means that the server is overloaded due to the high amount of traffic from the upgrades. Many of those who got this error keep trying again and almost all of them got it through but for those who weren’t able to do so I have got a tutorial to fix this error. The tutorial to fix the error 3200 goes like this –>
apple iOS 5 Updates

Step 1 – Download iTunes 10.5 from official Apple site.
Step 2 – Install it and keep it open for at least 10 minutes
Step 3 – Now navigate to here –
Windows –  C:\Documents and Settings\”UserName”\Apple
Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates
Mac –  ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates
Step 4 – Now cut all the files and paste them in a folder on desktop.
Step 5 – Now switch your iPhone to the DFU mode and go to iTunes.
Step 6 – Now simply go with iOS 5 restore procedure and you are done!
The tutorial was very easy and was also very much understandable. If you have any doubts just contact me through comments and I will try to resolve it as soon as possible.
Disclaimer: If anything goes wrong with your phone I am not at all responsible for the damage, whether internal or external, done.