Friday 21 October 2011

Free 100rs Recharge to All mobile Its Really true by facebook

I have been using facebook since past 2 years, and it involves my good as well as bad experiences. Good ones are about my friends & family and the bad ones are facebook’s spammy apps. yes there are many so called 21 questions, lucky day, mood app & craps.
even you might have been fed up with these apps.
I have also heard about EmbeePay App that it gives free recharge for completing offers. Initially i had ignored it as another spammed app. but today i just thought to try it and review it on my website & what i found was really amazing. I hardly spent 15-30 minutes over my slow bsnl connection to register and complete offers. and waited 1-2 hours to redeem points. And finally got rs 100 recharge.

Follow these steps to get 100rs recharge instantly :

(please donot hurry up, follow at steps carefully) ( even if you have earned once you can repeat the below steps with another mobile number and new facebook account.)

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Step 1 : Register to EmbeePay App On facebook. Click Here (50 Points)

Step 2 : Verify your phone number (50 Points)
Step 3 : Verify your email address (50 Points)
Step 4 : Complete Share Reward By Sharing it on your wall. (20 Points)
Step 5 : Complete the Offer (25 Points)
Step 6 : Complete the Frankfinn Offer (50 Points)
Step 7 : Complete the The Panel Station Survey (25 Points)
Step 8 : Complete the Mydala – daily deals (20 Points)
Step 9 : Complete the Offer (25 Points)
In Total You get 310 Points and you can instantly have Rs 100 Recharge. Its 100 % i have done it three times on 3 different mobile number with 3 different fb accounts.
Note : Please use original Name, Mobile Number, and Email Address & verify it where ever required. 
  Click Here To get Amount for ur mobile