Thursday 20 October 2011

BlackBerry Battery Hacks: Improve your Battery Life

blackberry-battery-9500-8900BlackBerry smartphones are among the most energy efficient smartphones and even when you use them heavily for phone calls, email or web browsing you can use them a very long time before you have to charge them again.  Here is a list of BlackBerry Batter Hacks that will help you to improve the battery life of your BlackBerry smartphone.

1. Turn off your radio when there is no signal available

As your phone is searching for signal, there is large amount of battery being wasted, especially when you’re underground, in a subway or a basement, your phone is continually searching for signal. So the best thing to do, is turning off your radio. This can easily be done by going to Applications, Manage Connections, and then uncheck the Mobile Network box.

2. Turn off Bluetooth

Alot of people have bluetooth headsets, and most of them are drivers. So when those drivers are not talking, all they simply have to do is disconnect bluetooth from the Manage Connections menu. But when you get a call, all you have to do is just turn it back on.

3. Turn off WiFi

Like the first one, you don’t always want to search for WiFi all the time, so all you have to do is uncheck the box, but only if you know if theres WiFi around you.

4. Change your backlight options

The default screen backlight is set to 100, making the timeout to 30 seconds. So all you have to do is change it to 50. But if you think you have patience, change the backlight timeout to 20 or 10, it may be annoying though. You can also change the auto dimmer on to save a little bit.

5. Change your ringer/notifications

It is very obvious that a vibrating phone wastes alot of battery, which is no different for the BlackBerry. The volume of your ringer plays a big role in your battery. So just choose a ringer, but then set the volume low, but able to hear.

6. Close Applications

If you just hit "END" to exit out of programs, or any website that automatically reloads, means the app is still running, just not on the screen. It pulls data from your connection making it more slow and battery draining.

7. Holster

While your BlackBerry is in the holster, the backlight is automatically turned off, which can save alot of battery.

8. Additional Battery

Although this is the only tip that involves money, it is the easiest way. All you have to do is buy an extended battery, which the most expensive one is $49.95