Saturday 15 October 2011

Hide drive from my computer Show icon on mycomputer

To perform these task you need to install tweak UI software (if you have not installed is it followthis link.)
free download
To launch power toys tweak UI follow this path
Start ==> program ==> power ==> toys Tweak UI
power-toys tweak UI

To Show My computer icons.

With this option you can choose which options should appear in my computer. You can show or hide control panel options in my computer. As well as you can also choose whether files stored on this computer should appear in my computer or not.
Select the icon which you want to display in my computer.

If you select both icon will display in my computer

If you uncheck these options
Both options will remove from my computer

To hide any drive from my computer

Some times you need to hide any specific drive from my computer due to any reason. To hide drive from my computer you can use this trick
Just uncheck the drive you want to hide

We hide c drive for example, result you can see in my computer

To change the location of Desktop, My documents, program , start menu

If want to change the locations of Desktop, My documents, program , start menu. This option can do it for you. Choose special folder sub key from my computer main key. In left side you can any folder which location want to change.
Select special folder and click on change locations

To disable auto play

Whenever you insert external drive XP try to play the content of this device. With this trick you can stop any particular device form auto play to removable media.
Uncheck the drive on which you do not want auto play facility.

If you just want to disable auto play for CD DVD or Removable media uncheck these options despite of above options

To add program in auto play menu

Whenever you insert any CD DVD or removable media in computer XP try to play it. After reading its content XP opens a auto play menu. With this trick you can add any special program which you want to handle the removable devices.
Use create button to select the new program

To hide drive letter

With these option you can show all drive letter after the label, show all drive letters before the label, show network drive letters before the label, and show local drive letter after the label, or never show drive letters.
To choose customized drive latter select the radio button of you choice.

To hide option from control panel.

Sometimes you want hide some particular options form control panel so other user can not access these options. With this trick you can remove options from control panel.
To remove option from control panel remove the tick.