Tuesday 4 October 2011

Protect your website from all hacking attempts

Now a days hackers are in search of single chance for hack your website. SO having a website which is vulnerable to hackers can be a great loss to you. Most of the web developers also do not know how to protect websites fro the hackers. This is the main reason why websites are hacked.
If you do not know how to protct your website from the hackers. You do not need to think more. Just uses this software and be safe.
This can protect your website from these attacks

  1. SQL Injection Blocker 
  2. Block RFI / LFI 
  3. HTML/PHP Injection Block 
  4. Web Frame DDOS Blocker 
  5. BLock Code Injection 
  6. Block Path Finder 
  7. Block Data Transfersal 
  8. Malicious Code Blocker 
  9. Erorr Page Redirect 
  10. XSS Attack Blocker
  11. MD5 Checksum
  12. SHELL / Backdoor Detector
  13. Sanatize Support
  14. Site Offline Manager
  15. Bandwith Stealer Blocker

Download Here:
Click Here! (its not free)